Good leather products accumulate traces of use,

retaining the user's taste and passage of time,

creating a unique look.


Movie x Arte di mano

Leather Workshop JnK has been providing continuous support to the Korean film industry since its early days, when it mainly focused on custom work.

In the sense that it creates something that does not exist in the world, I think that JnK, a creative workshop, and the medium of expression called 'film', which creates a fictional worldview, were bound to meet at some inevitable point of contact somewhere.

Just like the interior or furniture intentionally placed in the main character's room in a movie, it is a luxurious material worthy of being cherished and cherished, so I wonder if there is anything more suitable for completely revealing taste and character by always wearing it in the form of the character or in the hand. .

In addition, due to the characteristic of leather as a material that captures the traces of time, something made of leather is often used as natural evidence of the existence of time, space, and characters in movies, or as a device that reveals traces of the passage of time or events. .

We have been making leather items that do not exist in the world but are needed in movie scenes for as long as we can.

This is not a marketing tool or a way to make money.


It is a pleasure enjoyed by JnK members and our small support to contribute in a small way to movies and the culture and arts industry.